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Ohio school Report Cards allow home buyers to view the schools in the areas you are interested in living.

These reports allow communities, educators, policymakers, and most importantly parents and caregivers to get a better understanding of the district and schools’ performance. This also allows interested individuals to track school’s accomplishments and identify areas to improve, while encouraging local conversations and strengthening support for the districts.

Report Cards are not comprehensive of a school’s efforts and success and cannot display a district in its entirety. However, Report Cards do provide transparent reporting on:

• Student performance on state tests
• Students’ growth based on past performances
• Performance expectations in English, math, etc.
• Percent of students who successfully finished high school
• Improving at-risk K-3 readers
• How prepared students are for future opportunities

Visiting schools, reviewing a district’s website, and speaking with current educators and parents are great methods of further understanding a school district – including their community, strengths, weaknesses and their efforts to improve.

“The goal is to ensure equitable outcomes and high expectations for all of Ohio’s students.”

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The Cleveland area includes several suburbs and navigating all the different locations could seem daunting – especially if you are relocating to the area.

Rating the Suburbs ranks the communities based on numerous categories, including schools, safety and housing markets. The list is designed to help you find a suburb that fits best with your lifestyle and family’s needs!

A lot of information is incorporated throughout Ranking the Suburbs, including figures on home sale prices, property taxes, population, poverty, diversity, environmental infractions, and commute time as well as data on safety and education. The rankings are determined utilizing raw data.

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