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How to Proceed When Making an Offer

You have looked at a good selection of homes within your parameters and price range. Now you have found “the” house. What is next?

Your Realtor will provide the disclosures the seller completed answering questions concerning the house and the State of Ohio Residential Property Disclosures. This could include information on the Home Owners Association – if applicable, and any additional information provided.

Next, your Realtor will pull comparative market analysis on houses near the house of interest. This will reinforce the home’s value. Once you are comfortable with this information, you will be able to arrive at an appropriate price to make an offer.

This is followed by the purchase agreement, a standardized form containing the items you want left in the house and additional terms. These terms can reference price, earnest money amount, mortgage amount, dates for financing, inspections to be completed, dates of inspections, home warranty, and closing date. Typically, the closing date is 30 to 60 days from date of the signed agreement. If you currently own a house and you need the proceeds from your current house to close, you will need to allow some time from closing date to possession to ensure you have time to move out of your current house. This requires asking the buyer to give you a couple days to move out – some will agree to that with you paying them rent for those days – it is important to ask and be sure that you have time to close on your new house and move from your current house.

Once the offer is prepared and signed by you, your Realtor will send it to the seller’s agent who will present it to the sellers – usually via email and a phone conversation. They may come back with a verbal counter offer. However, we prefer the seller sign the counter offer. A counter offer can include price, items to remain in the house or closing dates. Once both parties have agreed to all terms in the offer as well as initialed and signed the paperwork, the house is considered contingent pending inspections, appraisal and final loan approval.

Congratulations! Now on to inspections and financing.

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