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Summer is the New Spring: Real Estate Market Expected to Boom

This time of year, the spring real estate market is usually thriving, however 2020 has brought a lot of unexpected changes. COVID-19, social distancing and new government recommendations have slowed many aspects of the market. With current circumstances impacting many industries, we expect this summer’s market is going to be busier than ever!

When working with our clients to sell a house, a substantial amount of time is spent guiding clients on best practices and preparing their home for the market prior to listing. This could be the perfect opportunity to utilize this time to focus on effectively preparing your home for the market. Renovations or small alterations can be simple but make a big difference and are often required.The right enhancements can bring a quicker sale, with more money in your pocket.

Strategically staging your home ensures:

  • The house is bright and easy to navigate
  • Rooms are open and de cluttered
  • Updates are completed

Small alterations and renovations can include:

  • Painting a room or cabinets
  • Adding new light fixtures or texture
  • Organizing personal items

Focusing on priority areas, such as kitchen upgrades, bathroom renovations and master suite makeovers can increase your home’s value. We created a ‘Preparing To Sell’ Pinterest series to boost sellers’ creativity and make this a fun and easy process! Additionally, our Preparing to Sell Your Home article drives deeper into updating and staging your home.

Rearranging or organizing rooms, deciding on paint colors, choosing new themes and ultimately preparing for showings can be overwhelming for homeowners. In the current situation there is low inventory in desirable areas and price ranges, meaning there may be little competition for your home on the market  – now could be the best time to sell! Contact us to discuss your home, real estate trends, effective updating and strategic staging.

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