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The Walk Through

You’re getting ready to close on your new home. How exciting!

Between one and five days before you are scheduled for a title transfer, you will have an opportunity to do a final walk through to make sure the condition of the home has not changed. Your agent will coordinate this with the listing agent and sellers. It’s preferable to do this final visit after the sellers have moved out so all surfaces are visible. However, many times the walk through occurs when the movers are packing and loading – in the midst of chaos. It is still your opportunity to walk through and see the house before closing.

This visit is a very important step. The final walk through ensures the home is in essentially the same condition – minus normal wear. Also, you are able to make sure that items included in the Purchase Agreement were not removed as well as confirm that any repairs agreed to after inspections were completed to your satisfaction.

Budget 20 to 30 minutes for this visit. If anything is amiss, this is a good opportunity to have corrections made before signing your closing papers and taking possession.

If everything is suitable, it is time to start visualizing the layout and décor of your new home!

Congratulations – you are almost done!

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