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Time For Showings

So, you’ve decided to buy a home. Congratulations!

You have taken some significant steps in the process by

  1. Doing your homework and finding an experienced, knowledgeable Realtor.
  2. Securing a solid pre-approval letter from a great Lender.
  3. Determining the areas you want to live in and establishing a budget that works for you.

Now it’s time to schedule homes to see.

If you are being relocated to a new area, please let your Realtor know in advance what your travel plans are and how long you will be staying. A good Agent will make you feel like you are their only client, when, in reality, we may have three to five Buyers at any given time.

Springing a last-minute visit and expecting to see 18 homes in a weekend may not pan out well if you call your Realtor the Thursday before! Evenings and weekends are the most popular times for Realtor, so secure a commitment from your Realtor in advance. If you’re local and want to see one home that you think may be perfect, we can usually get you a showing very quickly.

If you’re purchasing a home in a price range over $500,000, don’t be surprised if the Listing Agent is present for your showing. This is customary in many markets. Giving adequate notice helps all parties coordinate your showing request and minimizes your appointment getting declined due to scheduling.

Wear comfortable, slip on shoes. Many sellers request that guests remove their shoes for showings.

Assume that ‘Alexa’ may be listening while you’re touring. Don’t compromise your negotiating position by exclaiming how perfect this home is for you. Share your excitement outside with your Agent.

Try to limit the number of homes to less than eight in a day. More than that and homes start to run together, and features are forgotten. Take detailed notes and have your Agent note questions you have about a property.

Your first visit to a house is to determine if the location, features, layout and size will work for you. You will probably dismiss many homes based on this initial visit. Your Agent will budget less time on first showings: usually 15 to 30 minutes so you can eliminate houses that do not work for you.

Your Realtor will then schedule longer, second showings on your favorite houses. Things become apparent on a second showing that you didn’t notice on your first visit. You can expect to spend up to an hour on a second showing. Try not to skip a second showing. You don’t want to find out on inspection day, when you’re under contract, that you don’t really like the home.

Ask your Realtor to see Property Disclosures and any relevant information from the Multiple Listing Service. If you’re seriously considering a home, have your Realtor provide you with Comparable Sales or ‘comps’ to determine if your favorite house is priced fairly for its market.

Eventually you will find ‘the one’ that ticks off seven or eight of your 10 boxes. Don’t waste your time looking for a perfect 10. It doesn’t exist, regardless of price range!

Next step, making an offer!

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