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Transferring Utilities

As your closing approaches it is important to transfer the utilities prior to closing. If you are the buyer, transfer the utilities into your name, and if you are the seller, out of your name. Remember the key date is the date of possession – use this date as start and stop dates for services.

Each situation is different, below are useful explanations for both the buyer and seller. You will receive an email from our closing coordinator the week before closing with all the names and contact numbers needed to schedule services.


Buyers should call about five days before title transfer or the possession date. Use the possession date as the date to have the utilities put in your name. if you are a new customer, some companies may require a deposit until the account is established, which will be credited back with prompt payments.

If the utilities are not transferred and the seller has already called, the utilities will be disconnected! It is very important to call several days beforehand to ensure there is not an interruption of service.  Not having gas or electricity is not fun. Plus, there are additional fees and waiting time for the various suppliers.

The usual utilities are gas, water, sewer, electric and trash. The numbers for these resources are on our website by Cities  –

Some water and sewer districts will not take the final reading until they can physically see the title transfer at the court house. They will need to be called a day or two after title transfer.


Just in case there is a delay in the possession date, it is best for the sellers to call once title is transferred. Although the water company should usually be called the day after title transfer. You will need to provide a forwarding address for the final bill. If you are relocating to another home in the service area they will transfer the account to the new service address.

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