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The Gallmann Group is comprised of Suzanne Gallmann, Robert Gallmann, Gretchen Gallmann Spacek, Jill Wurst, Tina Manfredi, Josh Schmidt, and support staff.

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in real estate in the Cleveland area. The Gallmann Group’s goal will always be to provide the best buying or selling experience to all our clients through customized and quality services. Hear what our clients say about us

Suzanne Gallmann
Licensed Realtor since 1978; CRS, ABR, Ohio Association of Realtors Award of Excellence Since 1992
Moved to Solon in 1981 and started her real estate career in the Cleveland area with Smythe, Cramer Co. Widowed with two children, Rob and Gretchen – both are Realtors with The Gallmann Group. Currently lives in Aurora, OH, and graduated from the University of Toledo.
Robert Gallmann
Licensed Realtor since 1996
Rob and his wife Jen have 16-year-old twins Sofia and Ben who attend Aurora High School where Sofia plays volleyball and Ben plays soccer. Gus the Bulldog rules the house in Aurora and they previously lived in Solon and Twinsburg. He studied Criminal Justice and Marketing at Xavier University and Jen is a recovering teacher. Rob moved back from Cincinnati in 1996 after working in liquor and wines sales to join Suzanne in the real estate business and make it a family affair. He enjoys fishing, cooking/smoking/grilling, and spending time with his wife and twins. Funny Story: I meet a buyer at the house for the final walk-thru and the water was supposed to have been turned on and it wasn’t. The listing agent said just turn it for the walk-thru and then turn back off. I turned the water on, came up to the kitchen and water was pouring out of every recessed light in the kitchen. I turned the water off quickly but what a mess that was. Needless to say, we did not close the next day…
Gretchen Spacek
Licensed Realtor since 2002
Gretchen and her husband Len live in Solon and have 2 boys, Ryan (13) and Will (9). She graduated from Miami University with a degree in Marketing. Gretchen moved back to Cleveland in 2002 to join the family real estate business after living in Los Angeles and working in the entertainment business for Technicolor. She enjoys rowing, playing pickleball, cheering her boys on in sports, and spending time with family and friends.

Funny story:
One of my most memorable moments in real estate is when I was in a vacant house with my (very tall) client and he asked me if it was normal for there to be a voice recorder on top of the refrigerator recording or conversation, I guess the sellers really wanted to know what we thought of the house!
Tina Manfredi
Licensed Realtor since 2008
Tina has been married for 36 years (wow!) with two adult kids. Mia is 29 and lives in Perigeuex, France. Tristan is 25 and lives in Burbank, California. She has lived in Chagrin Falls for 29 years. Tina started as a real estate receptionist in 2005 and became licensed in 2008. She graduated from Kent State University with a bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology.

Funny story:
I was showing houses on a beautiful summer day. As I was turning the key to let the buyers into the house, I glanced to my right and saw the biggest, ugliest snake curled up in the landscaping. Snakes of any kind are my number one fear, so I couldn’t stifle my blood curdling scream, which probably seemed a little out of character to my clients. We made it inside, but there was no way I was going to be able to leave, if it meant passing by that snake. After some coaxing from the buyers, we decided that I would sneak out the back door and make a run for it! They went out the front door and locked up for me. As it turns out, they bought the house and years later we still laugh about the incident.
Jill Wurst
Licensed Realtor since 2013
Jill is married with two grown children, Kristyn, 31, lives in San Diego, and Ryan, 29, lives in Parma. She lives in Solon in her childhood home! Jill has been licensed since 2013. Previously, she was in New Home Construction Sales for 10 years. Her mom was a Realtor, so it must run in the family! She graduated from Bowling Green State University.

Funny story:
I was entering a bank-owned home with my clients and copper thieves were running out the back door. They had knocked off the water meter & the basement was rapidly filling up with water! My clients passed on that home.
Laura Bates
Listing Manager
Laura has two sons, Alex and Brad, and two beautiful granddaughters, Tori (8) and Taylen (2). Alex, 27, serves in the US Army and is stationed at Fort Drum Army base in New York, and Brad (24) attends college and lives in Streetsboro. Laura graduated from the University of Toledo and has been in real estate for a total of 11 years (6.5 years with the Gallmann Group). Prior to that, she worked in the travel business for 9 years and at Sea World Cleveland for 6 years. She grew up in Solon and lived in Jacksonville, Florida before moving back to this area. She currently resides in Aurora.
Jim Valenti
Field Coordinator
Jim has been married for 23 years to Karen Valenti. They have a 17-year-old son, Matthew, who is now a junior at West Geauga High School. While Jim has only been in real estate for a short time; he and his family have lived in Russell Township for 23 years. He graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a major in finance.

Funny story:
When Jim and Karen bought their home in Russell Township, the previous owner was a very sweet, 92-year-old women. She was so happy a nice couple was purchasing her home that she started playing the piano when she heard the news!

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