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Can We Get Your Digits? 6 Fresh Ways to Display Your House Numbers

When considering the look of your home’s exterior, your landscaping and paint color probably are first to come to mind. But there’s another design element at play here—one that’s easy to forget about but that can make your home stand out above the rest if done right: your house number.

“House numbers may be a necessity, but they don’t have to be boring,” says Kriss Swint, director of interactive strategy and design at Royal Building Products. “They can add an inexpensive pop of design to your home’s exterior.”

Sure, the numbers that the city stenciled on the curb or that your home’s previous owner nailed by the door 50 years ago will certainly get the point across. But they can look a little, well, basic. Read on to discover six clever ways to refresh your digits and make your house the No. 1 trendsetter on the block.

1. Put your house numbers on a pretty planter

“With a little bit of wood and paint, you can create a house number display that also doubles as a planter to fill with beautiful flowers and increase your curb appeal,” says Chris Lambton, a garden and yard care expert for Fiskars.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a DIY expert to achieve this look. All you have to do is attach a wooden planter box to some plywood, glue on your house number, and plant some colorful flowers. It’s that easy.

2. Seek out a slice of sustainability

Flowers aren’t everyone’s greenery of choice, so minimal moss may be more your speed.

This alternative will give your home a fresh pop of color—plus it’s built-in landscaping!

3. Light them up

Photo by Surrounding – Modern Lighting & Furniture
While most house number ideas are visible in the daytime, they’re almost impossible to see once the sun sets. Instead of having your guests flash their car’s brights on your home, display your house numbers in an inventive (and illuminating) way.

“Laser-cut aluminum plates with solar-powered white LEDs light up the exposed number areas, creating a vibrant, modern, and atmospheric look,” Karp says.

This idea will look good morning, noon, and night.

4. Give your house numbers the textured treatment

“If you’re feeling artsy, try hand-painted tiles,” Swint suggests. “Sleek and modern? Polished pewter is your style. And hammered, aged bronze brings a touch of elegance.”

5. Flip the font

Photo by Modern House Numbers
Perhaps the easiest way to give your front porch a whole new look? Shake up the font of your house number.

“From scroll styles to sans serif, your digits can convey styles from art deco to Arts and Crafts,” Swint says. “Adding distinction to your house numbers does more than convey character; it turns your address into a work of art.”

Spruce up your temporary space by adding some peel-and-stick numbers. The only question left is which font you will choose.

6. Go big with stenciled house numbers on your driveway or sidewalk

Nothing’s worse than driving around in circles, trying to read the tiny house numbers on the street curb or by the front door. Was that 2345 or 2846 Blurry Lane?

Solve this problem by going big—we mean really, really big. Stencil your address on your driveway or sidewalk in huge block print—and then wait for your guests to thank you.

Want to take things one step further? Give your house number a bona fide “wow” factor by channeling your inner tech guru.

“One of the more innovative designs we have used in the past is having the house number stenciled onto the sidewalk, then adding a motion-activated, solar lighting system,” Karp shares. “It seems very techy, but it’s actually deceptively simple to create and has a unique look to it.”

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